We “True Herbs” are proud to be “DIPP RECOGNISED” Company Certified by Ministry Of Commerce & Industry, India

True herbs intense beauty products started it’s journey with the vision to create a brand that stands not just for luxury alone; but one that delivers a pure and pleasant experience which is safe for the skin, environment, and at the same time driven by the commitment bring about results for common skin concerns. Since then, creating pure ,luxurious and safe ayurvedic natural  health and skincare products according to authentic prescription. true herbs is a quality-driven, premium brand that specializes in developing innovative products that are unique but natural in their formulations and deliver the results as promised.


We are obliged to offer our customers with natural products that remind everyone to ancient rarest herb’s and their natural healing powers mentioned in Ayurvedic Bhaishajyas and Sushruta Samhita. true herbs intense beauty extracts the best from nature’s vast repertoire and recreates fresh seasonal formulation using natural rare plant extracts herb’s infusion, SECRET BLENDING of nature’s rarest herbs infused with fine and pure quality Essential Oils. There is a perfect fusion between ancient recipes and modern technology to create a whole new experience to world with luxurious Natural beauty and skin care products.


true herbs is committed to producing premium advanced skincare that delivers remarkable quality, value, and results. Formulated and bottled without unnecessary additives or animal testing, our formulations are made from superior ingredients to provide incredibly effective yet affordable products for all skin types.

We have dedicated ourselves to developing innovative blends that truly transform skin. Featuring key antioxidants, nutrients, and botanical actives, our richly concentrated formulas are designed to correct, protect, heal, and restore skin for a healthy, visibly enhanced complexion. We achieve this with front-line formulations crafted with superior actives sourced from the Earth as much as possible.

If it’s not good enough for us, it’s not good enough for you. 

The entire true herbs Experts RnD team personally test-runs and approves every formulation before release and for this we have 5 advanced technological labs where expert scientist perform experimentation and gives us innovative and 100% safe products. These powerful, stable solutions are prepared in small batches to ensure peak freshness and potency when they arrive at your door.

Above all, our passion for quality goes hand-in-hand with a steadfast devotion to our customers. Personalized ‘extra mile’ service is the cornerstone of our company and it’s our mission to provide standout support whether you’re a longtime customer or a new window shopper. We want you to feel confident about your purchase as well as your skin, so we stand by our customers and products alike.

Non-Toxic, Safe, and Super Effective with visible long-term results

Our Every product is the combination of premium and fine quality with himalayan herbs extracted naturally. Being a small family run enterprise we are always open to talk with our customers, so feel free to reach out to us. We would be happy to guide you through a personal consultation. Not all skin types are the same, so we have ensured that each of our products has something exceptional to suit every skin type.


100% Natural & Premium Quality Products with Organic Ingredients picked & extracted exclusively for you!

When it comes to Skin & Health care there should be no compromises. And why should there be any?

We know that you’re extra careful while choosing your Skincare products and don’t want to damage your skin by using products with low quality ingredients.

This is why we make sure your skin & Hair gets the best treatment that it deserves!


Step 1: Herb Extraction

All the herbs for our products are handpicked and only the best part of the herb which is full of goodness is used in the products. Parts like the leaves, roots, seeds and sometimes the whole plant are used according to whatever suits the best for your Skin & Hair profile!


Step 2: Distillation

We ensures pure, precise and effective hair fall solutions by adopting a unique and modern method of distillation of herbs.This means that only the useful and the nutrient-rich part of the herb is used in the product. Distilling also makes sure that the final extract is free of toxins.


Step 3: Quality certification

After the herb is extracted, it doesn’t directly make its way into the products. Each ingredient we use goes through a thorough quality check and certification process. All our products are certified. In brief, when you use any true herbs product, you can be sure that it is made with premium quality ingredients picked just for you, has gone through appropriate quality checks and is absolutely safe!


What makes true herbs So unique?


None of our products contain sulphates, parabens, GMOs, bleaching agents or any other carcinogenic or harsh chemicals or mineral oils. We just use vast quality of Himalayan rarest Herbs which are made to solve specific Skin & Hair problems.


We follow full ingredient disclosure and share Lab testing reports of All the products approved by government with our customers which shows the PH value of product, safe for your skin. We tell you each and every ingredient that goes into making our products both on the product label and on our website.


Our formulas are not about fragrance and attractiveness. They target specific concerns such as pimples, blemishes, anti-ageing  etc. using certified organic and Ayurvedic herbs with proven benefits. true herbs stands for simplicity and purity


What Motivates Us

In Today’s world, the skincare industries are using the term natural just for advertising their brands but actually their products are partially or fully chemically formed and the natural word does not the very meaning it should stand for. More and more people are making ill-informed decisions for their skincare based on false advertising.

We wanted to introduce people to products that give immediate results with long-term benefits. The frequent visits to expensive skin clinics and harmful treatments like chemical peels, laser treatments for face marks, freckles, pigmentation and fairness treatments (bleaching perfectly healthy skin) that we see happening around us got us thinking about into the kind of products we wanted to innovate and make available.